why we're here

What men are battling, and how we're helping.

The problem

The phrase ‘Man Up’ has always been used as a prompt for men to toughen up, stop crying and get over it. For decades, this phrase defined masculinity reminding men that it was not okay to cry, be vulnerable or be scared.

MAN UP was brought to life by Gareth & Haseeb who both had had their fair share of issues when it came to toxic masculinity and all the issues that young men are typically faced with when growing into adults.

The belief that all men should be brave, stoic and emotionless all the time was pervasive amongst the community, leading to many negative mental health issues from an inability to conform to this stereotype. Further, the impact on others, specifically women was as clear as day. Countless women were faced with discrimination, assault and criticism due to men’s inability to deal with stressors in a positive way.

Suicide rates

Men’s increasing suicide rates, a result of bottling up & battling alone.

Anxiety rates

Overwhelming high rates of anxiety and depression amongst young men.

traditional masculinity

Relationship issues with women, "being tough", toxic male culture.

Negative coping strategies

Not seeking/aware of the help, not sharing their concerns with family & friends etc.

our solution

All these issues combined, both through Gareth and Haseeb’s personal experience paved the way for the creation of MAN UP. This organisation was created in an effort to bring about more unity in the world, and to make it a safer place for everyone.

an organisation that...

aims to redefine the phrase ‘Man Up’ - for it to be a reminder that it’s ok to be vulnerable.

an organisation that...

encourages men to hold each other accountable when we hear sexist remarks.

an organisation that...

reminds us to live from our hearts in the direction of service and compassion.

and an organisation that...

allows women to get behind it, as the issues affect both men and women.

our people

behind the solution.

Our team all believe that the world can be a better place if individuals are taught how to live with more purpose, as well as with an open mind. They see these problems, these challenges for men, and have decided to take action.

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